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Arrest in Jordan murder

The Crime Beat column reports: An arrest in the Caroline Jordan murder

Arrestee interview

The detectives brought in a person of interest for another talk, and the conversation took a turn.

Bonnie Duncan interview #2

What new information did Bonnie Duncan have for the detectives?

Morgan Pierce interview #2

Did Morgan confess to any more crimes when he talked to the detectives a second time?

Knife analysis

The Crime Lab conducted a rush preliminary analysis of the knife taken into evidence at the crime scene.

Matt Dixon interview

Who did Matt say was still at Caroline's party when he left?

Matt Dixon bio

Excerpt: "[Matt] enjoys the lifestyle of a Casanova, albeit with little…"

Billy Colby interview

How did Billy characterize Caroline's relationships with her male co-workers?

Billy Colby bio

Excerpt: "Billy was the only one home when it happened, and he felt helpless."

Jessica Hamilton interview

What insights into the interpersonal relationships at Santa's Toy Shoppe did Jessica give the detectives?

Jessica Hamilton bio

Excerpt: "Almost in spite of herself, [Jessica] earned a…"

Danny Sullivan interview

How did Danny describe his co-workers to the detectives?

Danny Sullivan bio

Excerpt: "Danny comes and goes as he pleases and spends most of his spare time…"

Eli Rice interview

Was Eli really as ambivalent about his co-worker Caroline Jordan as he sounds?

Eli Rice bio

Excerpt: "Eli did what he could to help out, but finding work was hard because he had no…"

Nancy Ford interview

Was Caroline's co-worker Nancy her friend, her enemy, or her frenemy?

Nancy Ford bio

Excerpt: "Nancy was totally devastated. Once again, her…"

Gary Gibson interview

What did Caroline's friend, neighbor and co-worker, Gary Gibson, have to say about her murder?

Gary Gibson bio

Excerpt: "Gary, by contrast, preferred…"
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