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Mailbox mishap leads to murder

The Crime Beat column reports: Neighbor sees Santa fleeing the scene

Incident Report - Homicide

The investigation of an alleged hit and run incident at 107 Pearidge Road led to the discovery of another incident.

Evidence inventory

CSU submitted a preliminary inventory of items taken into evidence in the Caroline Jordan homicide investigation.

Incident Report - Hit & Run

On December 5, 2016, a 911 caller reported a hit and run incident at 107 Pearidge Road.

Knife analysis

The Crime Lab conducted a rush preliminary analysis of the knife taken into evidence at the crime scene.

Bonnie Duncan interview

Bonnie Duncan called 911 to report a hit and run incident across the street from her residence.

Morgan Pierce interview

What crime did Morgan Pierce admit committing the night Caroline Jordan was killed?

Nancy Ford interview

Was Caroline's co-worker Nancy her friend, her enemy, or her frenemy?

Gary Gibson interview

What did Caroline's friend, neighbor and co-worker, Gary Gibson, have to say about her murder?

Eli Rice interview

Was Eli really as ambivalent about his co-worker Caroline Jordan as he sounds?

Danny Sullivan interview

How did Danny describe his co-workers to the detectives?

Jessica Hamilton interview

What insights into the interpersonal relationships at Santa's Toy Shoppe did Jessica give the detectives?

Billy Colby interview

How did Billy characterize Caroline's relationships with her male co-workers?

Matt Dixon interview

Who did Matt say was still at Caroline's party when he left?

Bonnie Duncan interview #2

What new information did Bonnie Duncan have for the detectives?

Morgan Pierce interview #2

Did Morgan confess to any more crimes when he talked to the detectives a second time?
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