Selena Crosscroft bio

DOB: 8/11/76 Occupation: Social worker, NMRC Hometown: Memphis, TN Relationship to case: Victim's ex-husband's girlfriendExcerpt: "[Selena] constantly reviewed divorce law and custody statutes, looking for something that would give [Roger]…"

Missing Pets board

Yoknapatawpha Pet Supply hosts a community corkboard where pet parents and would-be pet parents can post notices.

Search – Farrell Motors

Thomas Hammond gave investigators permission to collect evidence from the Farrell Motors service center.

Farrell Motors employee canvass

Investigators spoke to Farrell Motors employees to try to corroborate Roger Hammond's alibi.

Janet Hipps interview

The detectives tracked down the delivery driver seen in the victim's neighborhood on the afternoon of January 26th.

Chuck Ward interview

The detectives spoke to Brenda Marsh's friend who was with her the afternoon of January 26th.

Steve Kirby interview

The detectives tracked down Missy's high school boyfriend and asked him to come in for an interview.

Steve Kirby bio

DOB: 4/17/75 Occupation: Co-owner, Complete Computing Specialists Hometown: Oxford, MS Relationship to case: Victim's ex-boyfriendExcerpt: "Steve thought this was the perfect way to teach Missy a lesson."

Brenda Marsh interview #2

The detectives talked to babysitter Brenda Marsh again to clarify some questions about her original statement.

Travers' view of Hammond residence

Investigators prepared a diagram of the relative locations of the Hammond and Travers residences.

Missy's letter to Kevin Travers

Weeks before she died, Missy gave Kevin a letter to open if something happened to her.

Kevin Travers interview #2

Kevin Travers notified the detectives that he had some additional information to share with them.

Coroner's report

Preliminary report from the Yoknapatawpha County Coroner's Office on the autopsy of Melissa Hammond. Additional analyses are ongoing.

Liddie Hammond drawings

In happier times, the victim's daughter drew a picture of her family.

Liddie Hammond interview

The detectives spoke with the victim's seven-year-old daughter about what she saw and heard the night her mother was killed.

Thomas & Gloria Hammond interview

The detectives visited the Hammonds at their car dealership to talk about their son and former daughter-in-law.

Thomas & Gloria Hammond bio

Married: 6/17/72 Occupation: Co-owners, Farrell Motors Hometown: Oxford, MS Relationship to case: Victim's ex-in-lawsExcerpt: "Almost immediately, the couple began fighting over…"

Johnny McPhail interview

The detectives talked to Jonah Dale's cousin, who had a close relationship with Dale's daughter, Missy Hammond.

Johnny McPhail bio

DOB: 12/24/41 Occupation: Actor/Freelance CPA Hometown: Burlington, NC Relationship to case: Victim's cousinExcerpt: "[Johnny often gave Missy] advice on matters that she didn't feel comfortable discussing with…"

Dr. Charles Flaherty interview

The detectives spoke to the doctor whose phone number was in Missy Hammond's phone records.
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