Hammond neighbor canvass

Investigators conducted a canvass of residents in Missy Hammond's neighborhood.

Brenda Marsh interview

The detectives spoke to a teenager who was babysitting across the street from the Hammond house on the afternoon of January 26, 2001.

Kevin Travers interview

The detectives spoke with Missy Hammond's friend and neighbor, Kevin Travers, about what went on in the neighborhood the day before her body was found.

Kevin Travers bio

DOB: 6/2/72 Occupation: Photographer Hometown: Pontotoc, MS Relationship to case: Victim's neighborExcerpt: "Kevin often seethed with anger and frustration when he…"

Jonah Dale interview

The detectives spoke to Jonah Dale at the crime scene, after he found his daughter's body and called 911.

Jonah Dale bio

DOB: 5/4/49 Occupation: Hardware department manager Hometown: Tupelo, MS Relationship to case: Victim's fatherExcerpt: "Jonah was heartbroken and lonely but fought his depression to…"

Liddie Hammond bio

DOB: 12/12/93 Occupation: Student Hometown: Oxford, MS Relationship to case: Victim's daughterExcerpt: "Liddie still believes to this day that if she had been more of a good girl, they would…"

Missy Hammond bio

DOB: 7/18/75 Occupation: Hairstylist Hometown: Oxford, MS Relationship to case: VictimExcerpt: "Sometimes the fights escalated into the breaking of furniture and dishes and even violent…"

Young mother murdered

The local newspaper reports on the death of young mother, Melissa Hammond.

News video

The local news reports live from the crime scene, where a young mother was found dead in her home.

Incident report

On January 27, 2001, a 911 caller reported the discovery of a body inside an Elm Street residence.
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